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November 7, 2013
Hammock Camping 101: Supplies-The Basics

Let’s face it: camping is fun.  There is no doubt that getting out in nature, maybe getting a little dirt under your fingernails, and just enjoying the earth is something special.  However, it’s time for us to face another fact: tent camping over and over again can get old.  Going to sleep with a clear sky and waking up with rainwater on your back is not fun for anyone.  After a while, sleeping in a tent ceases to be exciting as it once was.  So what can we do to keep camping fun?  Switch it up a bit!  How?  Hammock camping.

You may have heard of hammock camping before, or you may find it hard to believe that someone would do something so crazy.  Whichever school of belief you come from, hammock camping is a completely viable camping method and it’s on the rise.  So how do you do it?  It’s going to be difficult to do any type of hammock camping without the proper supplies, so let’s cover those first.

Unsurprisingly, you will need a hammock.  Now I’m not talking about a backyard rope hammock with those bars that spread it out like the most interesting bed you’ve ever seen.  You know the type of hammock I’m talking about: the one you tried to sit on at your cousin’s birthday party and flipped over in front of everyone.  Yeah, that one.

No, I’m talking about a genuine camping hammock: one made of nylon that folds up into a bag the size of your fist.  There are no spreader bars, no nonsense, minimal weight, and no flipping over.  Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) is a popular brand, and so is Trek Light Gear.

Next, you’ll need a method for hanging your hammock.  The simplest option is a strap or rope system like ENO’s Slap Straps or Trek Light’s Rope and Carabiner Bundle.  These are the tools you will needs to hang your hammock in between two trees.  If you’re more into the DIY scene then you may venture into making or buying your own Whoopie Slings, which operate very similar to straps or ropes, but weigh much less.

At the most basic level, these are all the materials you will need to hang your hammock, along with some trees of course.  And if you are simply looking to hang a hammock at your campsite for an afternoon nap or some evening relaxation, this will be the end of the road for you.  However, if your goal is to fully replace your tent with a hammock system, then there are a few more items you might consider investing in.  If you’re looking to be a hardcore hammock camper, read on to “Hammock Camping 102: Supplies-The Extras.”  Whatever your goal is, you’ll need to check out Hammock Camping 103 to learn exactly how to hang and sleep in your hammock: it’s probably different than you’re expecting!  And whatever you plan on doing with your new hammock, Lake of the Woods would like to host you if you ever stop by Wisconsin!


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