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May 31, 2014
Keeping Your Family Unplugged For the Weekend

It’s 2014. Almost no child in modern America has not yet touched a mobile device or gaming console. To say you’re removing your child from any electronic interference is like removing a limb of their soul.

 But it doesn’t have to be so dramatic. There are ways to teach your children (and your spouse, and maybe even yourself) how to keep unplugged long enough for some feel-good family time:

 ●      Set clear rules early in advance of the weekend getaway. Simply communicating the idea of a no-electronics policy days before can help give you and your family time to emotionally prepare for the weekend. An initial shock as the getaway starts will not set a good tone for the weekend.

●      Help your family prepare in advance what “needs” to be done. Often when we’re faced with idea of being away for so long without something, we panic and sometimes forget that planning can help the situation go by smoothly. For instance, get any calls to relatives or friends out of the way. Any homework or projects that are due on Monday should be done before end of day Friday. A hard level in a game got you stuck? Try your best to finish big obstacles before embarking on the weekend. Helping your family through these motions will show that not only are you serious about the unplugged weekend, but you’re cognizant of their needs as well.

●      Plan for human-interactive activities. A weekend away gives your family time to do some serious bonding, so to keep minds off the lack of technology, make sure you plan back-to-back events to entertain everyone. Distract them from the fact that they aren’t living with modern technology.

●      Not all technology is bad technology. Okay, maybe you should negotiate SOME electronics for the weekend, like a TV and DVD player for instance. Watching movies as a family is still a bonding experience, as every member of the family can engage together. Don’t go cold turkey on electronics -- realize that staying a little plugged in can keep some sanity around. 

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