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November 16, 2014
The Forgotten Tales of the Swiss Army Knife

There seems to be a decline in the number of people with a handy-dandy Swiss Army Knife (SAK). Not that we have any stats on the sales of the product, but it’s hardly ever talked about these days. Probably because all you see on social media are topics about the Kardashians or Buzzfeed quizzes trying to determine your spirit animal.

 Also, everyone’s starting to look at their smartphone as their SAK -- which is totally okay, because some of the mobile apps available today do some great things. But nothing can replace the utility of a classic multi-use tool that is the Swiss Army Knife, the term coined by U.S. soldiers post-WWII from the German word Schweizer Offiziersmesser.

 The most classic parts of the SAK include a sharp blade, a screwdriver, can opener -- among many other tools. SAKs of today come in a variety of combinations, high-grade or low-grade metal, and in many sizes. They may have scissors, different heads for a screwdriver, a hook -- you name it.

 The decline in use of these tools is probably due in part to the TSA’s revised regulations over sharp objects being allowed on planes as a carry-on. While you’re able to still bring knives in checked luggage, you’re no longer allowed to carry any sized sharp object on the plane with you (however, a screwdriver that’s less than 7 inches is apparently permitted.)

 That doesn’t mean you cannot get a hold of one of these SAKs for yourself and your family. Whether you’re camping out in the great open wild or going on a car trip, you’ll never know when you’ll need to access your handy SAK. The large blade is good for wood carving and food prep, the scissors are great for cutting wires or metal supplies, screwdriver is great for opening cans -- you catch the drift.

Nothing can replace the need for this iconic tool no matter where you are in life, especially if you’re camping. Bringing a knife and other tools along for the hike is just not good efficiency or packing. Trust us on this -- go out and get one now. You’ll thank us later.

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